Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why I don’t like the new Bond..

Yeah I know, I am treading into hostile waters. But the truth still remains that after seeing 'Casino Royale' I felt cheated. Because I didn’t go to see a raw, 'rough on the edges' Bond or a gritty tale. I had gone prepared for total suspension of disbelief but what left was total disbelief regarding what has been done.
I am not a great admirer of the 'too much to digest' action like that in 'Die another day'. What I am talking about is character. To be more precise the character of Bond. What I like about about Bond movies is not the 'throw money' action nor the girls nor the 'bigger than world' canvas. Its this myth of a character where there is a hero whose reaction to the most gravest of dangers is dry humor. A person who is bigger than any situation.
One of my favourite scenes is from' Live and let die' where Bond is kept captive by a giant with a metal claw. He takes Bond's trade mark gun and twists into the shape of an horse shoe. Bond accepts the remains of his gun with a smile and puts it in the dust bin gingerly. The scene plays out well. That playfulness is not there in the new Bond. He looks and behaves more like a high school football coach with a bad digestion.
If I wanted to see 'gritty true to life action' I know better places to go than this. The focus was never on the brawns or the testosterone looks earlier. What made Bond special was his fluidity and sophistication who somehow manages to save the world without even suffering a pulled muscle. And of course charm the girls accidently in the process. That happy go lucky charm is missing in the new Bond.

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