Friday, August 15, 2008

Suicide terrorism

Had a seminar yesterday on suicide terrorism. It was mainly on the question of whether a personality profiling is possible in case of a suicide terrorist. In simple words is it that with the appropriate social, political, economical and personal events and pressures any individual can become a suicide terrorist? Or are there some personality characteristics which predispose a person to transform into one?
There is no good study evidence for either. Obviously a suicide bomber wont go to a psychiatrist to take part in a study before bombing. If he goes to a psychiatrist because he is confused then he is not a suicide bomber and is not worthy of being a study subject.
Still if someone speculates on the subject it is likely that a suicide bomber will be having some personality predispositions. The reason is that there are people with the same ideological fervour with approval for the actions and purpose of a suicide bomber but who is still not a suicide bomber. There will be hundred people who will firmly believe that suicide bombing is the best and the only weapon against a formidable enemy against whom collective force is impossible.
But how many of them would become a suicide bomber? One or two may be. It shows that just believing strongly in suicide bombing is not enough to become a suicide bomber. All of them don’t have tragic personal experiences also. Some of them are professionals having a seemingly normal family life. So it has to be some personality traits.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The dark knight

Its dark for sure. It plays out like a shakespeare tragedy.
Writing a superhero franchise is never easy. Hero has to win in the end. Villain will have to fail. Heroine should still swoon over the hero. There is not much creative freedom. You cannot disturb the status quo. You have to preserve the legend and all associated characters.
But Nolan explores the darkness of the human mind beautifully even between this. Its sad, scary, tragic and brilliant. Nolan will now face the difficulty of making a bigger villain in batman 3 after pushing limits giving life to Joker.
In the end Batman is someone you feel sorry for, not one you want to be. He is prisoner of his own destiny.
As Dent says in the movie,' if a hero survives long enough he becomes a villain.'
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