Thursday, April 10, 2008


I liked gattaca because it demonstrates certain scientific facts that I have always noticed regarding diseases. In our age where everything is reduced to genetic basis there are certain things still unaccounted for. Schizophrenia which is supposed to be due to imbalances related to dopamine in our brain is highly correlated with genetic predisposition. But the interesting thing is that among monozygotic twins (ie they are having the same genetic makeup) if one twin is having schizophrenia what do you think is the probability of the other one developing it? It is only 48%.So how is the 52% accounted for? It shows the power of the environmental factors in modifying the illness. If this is the case with illness it is the same case with other things- your character, your drives, your predispositions and your destiny…

’In the not too distant future’, Vincent(Ethan Hawke) according to his genetic makeup is imperfect as he has 99% chance of developing a heart problem by 30 yrs. But that won’t stop him from chasing his dream of becoming a space voyager even if it means faking his genetic identity. But things get complicated when a murder occurs in the centre and there is intense scrutiny. The movie is inspiring in its depiction of the human spirit which raises beyond all limitations that tries to restrict it.Vincent says to his genetically perfect brother after defeating him in swimming - ''you asked me how I did it? I will tell you how I did it. I never saved anything for my swim back..''

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